Classes are held in the winter and summer break, between the fall and spring semesters each year. Supplies are included with the registration of each level. The classes take place in San Antonio, Texas. The class minimum is 5 registrants, and a maximum of 24. Please note that class projects and colors are subject to change according to supply availability.

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Level I – $860

This is the beginning level class for all students. Start to learn about professional beading and embroidery! This is a beginning level course in professional style beading and embroidery for garments or textiles. Tambour embroidery (also known as crochet beading, French beading, or broderie de lunéville), is used extensively to embellish fashion, bridal, costume, interior, and art pieces. Professional embroidery and beading generally uses a mix of techniques and tools. However, it can be very difficult to learn from the limited number of books available on the topic. This class is intended to help learners jump the hurdle of acquainting oneself with the basics of tambour work, incorporating a little basic needle embroidery in the process. The result will be a beautiful beaded heart applique that can be applied to practically any item.

In this class you will learn to set up your own frame, use both the needle and tambour hook to apply threads, beads and sequins, and the process for finishing the project. Techniques covered include:

Even if you do not complete the project in class, you will have all the information you need to finish on your own. It does not take any previous skill; we start everyone from the beginning. All supplies are included in the beginning project cost, including the beginning tabletop frame (13” -22”). If you would like to upgrade to a professional frame (36”), you can do so for an additional cost.
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Level II

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Step up your skills! This is an intermediate level class for those who have passed Level I. In this class, you will expand your experience with the tambour hook, and learn new techniques. Registrants must have level 1 experience. You must have a professional frame for this class. If you do not have one already, please add $225.
In this class you will review how to set up your frame. New techniques covered include:

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Short Courses

These are 2-4 hour classes held periodically throughout the year. The subject and content for each class changes on a regular basis. Most of these courses are for those who have completed level I. However, there are a few that are open to beginners, and will be marked as such. The classes take place in San Antonio. We only recommend these classes for locals, as the travel is not necessarily worth the cost for such a short class.

The short courses are priced according to the length of the class and the supplies needed. The price will be posted with the individual class listing. Contact us directly to register for a short course. It is not listed on the registration page due to the costing variables.